About Monster World Hack:

Monster World Hack added to your account unlimited Plots, Magic Wands, Coins and WooGoo. Just check in the application which item you want to have and soon you’ll have it in your account in Monster World! We have developed a workaround for you latest Monster World system. We found a gap and created a script that will allow you to get free items. Just Login To Facebook and Go to Monster World Application. Progam will do all the rest for you! It’s not a fake like the majority of the market. Our company tries about reputation, Check this hack and write about this! Not working? No! Everyday Updates!

Monster World Hack


  • Unlimited Plots
  • Unlimited Magic Wands
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited WooGoo
  • 100% safe


  • Download Monster World Hack
  • Login To Facebook and Go to Dragon City Application
  • Open Hack
  • Select Your Browser and Press „Connect to Facebook”
  • Select What You Want (Plots, Magic Wands, Coins or WooGoo)
  • Press „Run Hack”
  • Have Fun ;)



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One Response to “Monster World Hack v 1.6.3 (January 2014)”

  1. crasowl says:

    thanks man! I was searching it for hours.

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