About Snoopy’s Street Fair:

Snoopy’s Street Fair welcomes you into the wonderful world of PEANUTS! Build and organize a street fair to help the PEANUTS gang raise funds for new baseball uniforms. You’ll recruit your favorite characters to work on different stalls and concessions including Lucy’s Psychiatrist Service, Sally’s Lemonade Stand or Linus’ Pumpkin Pie Stand, just to name a few.
Play with Snoopy in a variety of micro-games and adventures. Take to the skies with flying ace Snoopy, recolor the fair with artist Snoopy or help grab all the fair’s loot with skateboard Snoopy!


About Snoopy’s Street Fair Hack:


With our software you will never again have to spend money on items in the game. Watch the video and find out how easily and without spending a single penny you can have unlimited money in Snoopy’s Street Fair. You can have fun without unnecessary worry if you have enough money for the development of something in the game. With our program you will have unlimited money and coins without spending real money. Our program is fully secure and undetectable so you do not have to worry about the consequences of using it. Download 100% working Snoopy’s Street Fair Hack  only at YouHacks.net.


Snoopy's Street Fair Hack



  • Adding an unlimited amount of money
  • Adding an unlimited amount of coins
  • 100% safe and secure



Instruction How to Use Snoopy’s Street Fair Hack:

  • Connect Your Device to USB Port
  • Download Snoopy’s Street Fair Hack v 1.1 ( How to Download )
  • Open Hack
  • Select Your System (Android or iOS)
  • Click „Connect to Device” and Wait a  Moment
  • Select Hacks You Want to Use
  • Press „Run Hack” and Wait Until Hack Stop Working
  • Unplug Your Device
  • Have Fun ;)




2 Responses to “Snoopy’s Street Fair Hack v 1.1 (January 2014)”

  1. Good Work Man!! Really THX :D :D

  2. lol im downloading and testing ANDDD WOOOORKS!!!!! THX THX!

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